The efficiency and effectiveness of your field workforce may be the single most important frontier of competitive advantage for your firm. Are your field safety inspection processes still being performed using paper forms or disconnected spreadsheets? With heightened competitive pressures and increasing compliance requirements, there has never been a better time to improve your safety inspection or site survey processes.

VEIL Inspection Software Features

Improve field inspection productivity and consistency with automated VEIL mobile inspection software for iPad™, iPhone™, Android™ or Windows™ mobile devices.

  • Improve Workplace Safety

  • Simplify Compliance

  • VEIL Inspection Software for Android

  • Improve Consistency

  • Centralize Visibility

Mobile Inspections for iPad®, iPhone®, Android® & Windows®

Liberate your field safety inspection personnel from the shackles of paper. VEIL software automates mundane, productivity-sapping safety inspection tasks with software for iPad, iPhone, Android & Windows tablets and smartphones.

Drag and Drop Inspection Builder

Rapidly create fully electronic inspections with the VEIL Inspection Software’s drag and drop Inspection Builder, then automatically push the changes to field inspector mobile devices. Flexible layout options allow for personalization while enforcing consistency.

Inspection Management and Reporting

Gain control and accountability of your safety operations with centralized VEIL inspection management. Report upon inspections by criteria such as customer, job and observer, and export to or integrate with home office systems.

VEIL Inspection Software Use Cases

With powerful, end-to-end inspection management capabilities ranging from mobile safety inspections to automated reporting, VEIL inspection software will help improve your:

  • Compliance with safety / regulatory standards

  • Calibration or specification of equipment

  • Compliance with internal policies and procedures

  • Troubleshooting of equipment for failures or defects

  • Monitoring safety / security of equipment or personnel

  • Productivity of field techs and back-office personnel

  • Identification of conditions that require use of your company’s product or services

VEIL Inspection Software can help your safety inspection, site survey, checklist or other inspection processes run with more consistency, speed, accuracy and accountability.

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