Must-Have Ruggedized iPhone and iPad Accessories

Outdoor service technicians must protect their iPhone and iPads in rugged environments

Apple iPhone and iPads are extremely popular these days for both personal and professional use. This is also true in the mobile workforce. Many service technicians rely heavily on Smartphones or tablets to view their schedules and work orders. They also find it convenient to take photos or videos by cell phone when working on a rooftop or other tight space.

Unfortunately, accidents happen and electronics break. And without their phones, service techs are lost. Devices especially risk of damage in outdoor jobs (i.e. construction). People who work in outdoor, rugged environments need extra-durable devices that resist scratches, cracks, shock, impact, water and extreme temperatures. Many companies find it cost-effective to combine third party protective device accessories with consumer grade mobile devices.

Apple with its iOS platform devices – iPhone and iPad, along with Android device manufacturers like Samsung, are constantly upgrading to withstand damage. As a field tech, you should take environmental factors into consideration: temperatures, heights, etc. when picking both a device and protective case. Read on about some of the most popular ruggedized tablet and cell phone accessories for iPhones and iPad made to survive the roughest conditions.

  • Defender Series iPad Case
  • Made for Apple iPads, the iPad Air Defender Series Case has Otterbox Certified Drop+ Protection, which means it endured 238+ testing hours and 24+ tests. The case has a membrane touchscreen shield and internal foam cushions to prevent scratches and movement inside the case. Additionally, the external slipcover is made with synthetic rubber to protect against impact and shock. The shell, slip cover and shield stand each come in four colors to choose from.

    The iPad Air Defender Series has a 3.9 star rating on Customers reported some cons in the reviews such as watermarks, dulled retina display, and difficult installation. The case comes with a one year warranty and free, secure shipping.

  • Athena Privacy Glass Screen Protector by Trident
  • Athena Privacy Glass Screen Protectors are made for Apple iPad Air, Microsoft Surface and Pro 3 tablets. All models feature a 9-H screen protection rating with a 0.3 mm thick screen for impact protection. A non-slip adhesive coating helps prevent smudges and scratches. The 60” viewing privacy makes the screen very clear to users, but looks black and white to anyone peering over them. Tablet models weigh between just 0.11 to 0.15 pounds, and the iPhone model weighs just 0.01 pounds. The iPhone screen has curved edges, which won’t cover small parts of the phone’s edges. Consumers may buy this brand on

  • Somersault iPad carrying case by iBackflip Studios
  • The Somersault case by iBackflip Studios carries iPads, Macbook Air and small laptops. Their website stated that many big name companies like Tackle Direct, Sears, Dyson and CMR love this case. The bag has a reversible swivel design that can be converted to a messenger bag, backpack or briefcase as needed. Simply opening and closing the bag turns the iPad on and off to save the battery. This case also has waterproof zippers, a comfy mesh padding and a camera flap to take photos with the rearview iPad camera. The sides of the bag have utility hooks, extra pockets and a Stylus pen holder to store small items. Somersault cases are both TSA and OSHA Compliant for easy traveling and added safety while climbing.

  • G-Form iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus Case
  • G-Form is an athlete-founded brand designed for high impact environments, whether athletic or not. Many G-form products utilize advanced polymer technology to provide great impact protection and vibration dampening. The G-Form has a Rate Dependent Protection that instantly stiffens when faced with impact, while the raised edges further prevent harm. The design is compact, lightweight which fits in one’s pocket, and an open frame offers easy touchscreen use. This case is custom designed for fit, meaning you don’t compromise fit of headphones or chargers.

  • LifeProof FRE Case for iPhone 7
  • This iPhone 7 case by Verizon is designed to provide superior water protection. With an IP-68 rating, this case can protect a phone in waters up to 6.6 feet deep for up to an hour. The touchscreen features a build-in scratch protector and protects against snow, dirt and drops of up to four feet. The drop and shock protection rating meets the U.S. Military standard which protects against vibration and bumps.


In today’s era of technology, desk-less jobs are becoming the norm and so is the BYOD (bring your own device) policy. Employees who use their own laptops or mobile devices are more productive and happier with their workplace culture, which lowers turnover rate. Companies that use BYOD should go beyond just providing rugged iPad or iPhone accessories. Some service techs may prefer Android over Apple, for example. Luckily, there are ways to protect Android devices. Read our companion blog post on ruggedized Android devices and accessories next!

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