7 Reasons Power Systems Dealers and Mobile Service Software are a Match Made in Heaven

Power Systems Mobile Service Software

The complexity of your power generation business and the level of product support it demands calls for a mobile solution that can automate and streamline the operation from start to finish. Here’s why power gen and mobile field service are the perfect fit.

The power generators your company installs aren’t just construction equipment. And your service technicians aren’t simply service techs. Your business and the service you provide is vital to your customers and the expertise required of your field teams is significant. Those outside of the on-site power industry may not understand that.

The complexity of the equipment you sell and the importance of providing strong service encounters means your field force is fundamentally important to the success of your business.

Let’s review 7 specific reasons why a mobile field service solution fits perfectly within your organization.

1. You Have Large Service Teams

More service technicians equals more paper. More inspections. More PM calls. Organizations with electrical generating systems expertise have a unique and coveted skill set within the service world. You receive a lot of calls – your team of technicians reflects that. Because of the variety of service demands, scheduling, and documentation, even simple service calls can become burdensome to manage on paper. Alleviate that pressure and streamline your field team with an intuitive mobile app.

2. You Manage Complex Preventive Maintenance Contracts

Here’s something that rings a bell in the minds of any power systems service manager: Preventive Maintenance. These contracts are an important recurring revenue stream for your organization and also the foundation of how you’re able to ensure customers are always powered-up. Automated scheduling, equipment service history, and the opportunity to upsell parts and contracts are all aspects of the PM process that improve with a mobile service app.

3. You Provide Service for Generators of All Shapes and Sizes

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As a dealer of on-site power equipment, you take pride in providing solutions for customers, projects, events, etc.… no matter the size. From 400 kW to 1300 kW and everywhere in between, your partners know they’ll stay up and running with your generator. This means you have a complicated list of service items, service bills of material, and parts to maintain. A mobile app gives your technicians ALL of the information they need for a specific job, customer and generator. Instantly.

4. Customer Service is Key for Your Business

Ask yourself this: is your business making money, and are your customers happy? These two key indicators are the benchmark of how your organization is performing. Service excellence is fundamentally important in that it keeps your partners up and running and ensures you’re the one they call for future service or equipment needs. Quite simply, performing service better results in a better experience for your customers.

5. On-Site Power Generation Is Inherently Mobile

Perhaps one of key reasons your industry exists: the need for ON-SITE power. Where do you send your technicians? Hospitals, manufacturing plants, remote constructions sites, skyscrapers, marine vessels. The list goes on and on. These customers want your generator to work when and where they need – no question. A diverse team of techs with different regional assignments and skill sets makes your service process especially complex. Schedule and assign jobs seamlessly with the power of a GPS-enables mobile app. The best part? You can access everything offline – even when you don’t have cellular or internet service.

6. You Have Complex Inventory Needs

We alluded to this before – on-site power generators are complex, technical products. Hundreds, if not thousands, of inventory items can come into play throughout the day in the life of a service technician. What is the issue? What parts are needed to complete this job? What are the inventory levels of that part in my service truck? Answering any of these questions incorrectly will result in mistakes, longer repair windows, or even a return-trip. Eliminate these with the full inventory management capabilities of a mobile service application.

7. You Power Your Customers’ Businesses

While every equipment dealer may argue their product and service are critically important to customers (they are), power generation manufacturers/dealers bring something extra to the table. If your customers don’t have power, they’re quite literally shut down. You keep them up and running – no matter the job site, the weather, or situation in general. They can’t do their job without the power your generators provide. Which makes eliminating down time critically important for your service organization.

Conclusion – Prioritize a Mobile Service Solution To Meet Your Customers’ Power Needs

Every service organization is unique, and none is more unique than that of a power systems organization. The nature of your product, the highly-technical expertise required to complete a job, and the crucial responsibility of keeping your customers up and running are all reasons your service team needs to be in tip-top shape.

The specific needs of the on-site power generation industry, paired with the robust features of a mobile service app, results in an instant win-win for you and your customers.

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