Provide the high-quality service experience your customers expect

Elevate your customer experience with self-service tools and automated communications.

Transform Your Service Solutions

Maximize your ROI when you choose the software that works best for your services. We work with top enterprise field service companies to make sure they have the solutions they need to boost revenue. It only takes 30 minutes to find the right platform for your business.

Today’s customers expect more. High-quality features that customers used to pay a premium for, such as online self-service and text notifications, are now considered standard options.

But how can your company offer the same high-quality service experience without the resources of a multi-billion-dollar company?

Now, it’s possible to give your customers the high-quality service experience they want, without breaking the bank.

With Service Pro Customer Experience, you can provide automated appointment communications, automated post-visit feedback requests, self-service tools, and comprehensive historical information. All from a customizable, coding-free field service management solution.

Service Pro® Customer Experience Features

Level up your customer satisfaction with automated communications, self-service tools, and on-demand service history with Service Pro Customer Experience.

This add-on option combines two powerful features for your service customers: Service Pro Customer Portal and Service Pro Tech Tracker. With Service Pro Customer Experience, you can launch your service customer satisfaction and loyalty, resulting in more recurring service revenue for your business.

MSI's Service Pro Customer Experience suite for field service organizations

Service Pro Customer Portal

With the Service Pro Customer Portal, your service customers have on-demand access to all the service information they need, without tying up your customer service phone line.

By using the self-service tools available in the Service Pro Customer Portal, your customers can:

  • Submit a request for service that automatically populates in the Service Pro Visual Scheduler, ready for assignment by your dispatch team

  • View comprehensive service history and documentation, including order details, summaries, and notes

  • View upcoming orders and appointments

  • View and download inspection results and reports immediately after the inspection is performed

Service Pro Tech Tracker

Give your customers to-the-minute updates on upcoming appointments and request post-visit feedback with automated text and email communications from Service Pro Tech Tracker.

MSI's Service Pro Tech Tracker automated appointment communication for field service organizations

  • Automated email or SMS communication when the technician is en route, has arrived on site, and has completed the work

  • Automated email or SMS communication when the appointment is canceled

  • Communications include the technician’s name, appointment address, your company’s phone number, and a link to the live status page

  • Live status page automatically updated every two minutes, including a map of the technician’s current location, anticipated route, and ETA calculated using the tech’s GPS location

  • Automated email or SMS communication when the appointment is complete requesting feedback, including a link to the feedback page

  • Feedback page to capture post-visit ratings and comments