When returns are critical, the RMA Management and return service management capabilities of Service Pro® software ensure you won’t lose track of what is to be returned. Whether it’s from your customer or from your technician, making sure parts/equipment are returned can save you money!

If your depot repair center performs repairs on returned goods, sends them to the manufacturer/outside contractor, or if you simply need to return the goods to stock, Service Pro controls the entire process, including billing or crediting your customer while tracking repair times and parts used.

Service Pro creates, expedites, and tracks RMAs in a flexible and highly configurable fashion that accommodates most every operation imaginable. Whether RMAs are pre-authorized or just come in the door, the system will track the RMA, expedite its return, and assure that history is kept.

Integrated Depot Repair Software for your Repair Center

Our easy to use, easy to deploy solutions will help your repair center automate the service business processes that keep you from operating at optimum efficiency.

  • Issue and Follow-Up on RMAs

  • Track RMAs Issued but not Received

  • Receive Returns (Loading Dock Function)

  • Perform Inspections of Received Items

  • Repair/Replace Items Returned

  • Repair/Replace Items Returned

  • Send/Receive To/From Vendors

  • Return to Stock

  • Establish Warranties by RMA Issue Date, Received Date, In-Service Date and more

  • Apply Labor, Use Parts from Inventory, and Apply Tasks to Repair Items

MSI Data’s depot repair software has proven itself in even the most demanding service and repair centers in a variety of industries.

Learn the 2014 Depot Repair Best Practices.

For service organizations and manufacturers, repair centers are an integral part of business growth. With competition quickly evolving, repair operations need to start being optimized for revenue and monitored against more advanced, growth-centric KPI’s. Download our white paper for ideas on how to move your repair center into the best-in-class today!

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