5 Useful Apps to Complement your Medical Equipment Field Service App

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In order to fully optimize your medical equipment organization’s mobile field software solution, consider using these applications to compliment your system.

You originally invested in a mobile field service solution to organize your medical equipment service department and sell more equipment, perform repairs and inspections, and keep track of critical records needed for regulatory compliance, service delivery improvement, and operational performance. Now that your organization is transitioning in a more digital direction, how can you further optimize your mobile solution’s capabilities?

In order to fully realize the abilities of your medical equipment field service app, we’ve discovered a few applications that we believe will compliment your current mobile solution and take your medical equipment organization to the next level.

Medical Equipment Dictionary
Even a doctor would admit that it is difficult to know and understand how each piece of medical equipment functions– especially for a lay person. With all the information that your field techs must remember in the medical equipment industry, they can easily become overwhelmed. With the Medical Equipment Dictionary application, your field techs will be able to gain quick access to medical knowledge and terminology that will allow them to work more proficiently in the field.

Medical Device Regulatory
The Medical Device Regulatory application allows your field techs to gain quick access to global medical device regulations for 24 different countries. This will ensure that your techs are always adhering to industry regulations, no matter where their location may be.

Radiation Alarm
Working with radiation machines, such as CT scanners, can be dangerous for you techs. The Radiation Alarm, helps them determine if they are exposed to any dangerous radiation in the field during the equipment inspection or repair process, which will ensure happy and healthy field techs.

LCD Toolbox
The LCD Toolbox application allows for field techs to easily access coverage guidelines for their medical equipment. This means that your techs will be fully aware of what standards and codes that the equipment needs to meet. While their field service app already includes information like service history and asset tracking, the LCD Toolbox makes sure your service organization complies with federal and medical guidelines.

Electrical Toolkit
The Electrical Toolkit application will help your feel techs recalculate circuit values when a user edits any input data. This gives your techs access to quick calculations using various formulas that can help technicians to solve certain problems.

What now?

You have your mobile field software, and now we’ve provided you with the apps that will allow your techs to reach that solution’s fullest potential. With this combination, your field techs will perform at their highest level, strengthening the image of your medical equipment organization.

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