Field Focus Podcast: Field Service Innovation at the Edge

Improve communication and transparency between technicians and customers with connected field service management tools at the edge


For most field service organizations, the edge is their front line and the face of the business. After all, the mobile technicians that make up the edge are the ones that go out to customers and help solve their problems.

Because these people are so essential to the success of a field service organization, it’s imperative to provide them with the right tools to do their job. And that’s where field service innovation at the edge comes in.

Here to discuss this topic in greater detail with host Mike Pandl is Kelly Stretz and Matt Guth.

Stretz is MSI Data’s Manager of Customer Success, making sure that MSI’s customers continue to get value out of the services that the organization provides. Guth, MSI’s Vice President of Development, leads the development, QA, and DevOps teams that build, test, and deploy new software to the cloud and mobile applications that MSI’s customers and their technicians use.

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Field Focus Podcast from MSI Data Field Service Innovation at the Edge