Accelerate Call to Cash.

Customers call your service team to resolve a problem that is causing downtime and frustration and want the fastest, easiest fix possible. Customer satisfaction is tied directly to the speed with which your service reps can access their records and dispatch a technician.

Transform Your Service Solutions

Maximize your ROI when you choose the software that works best for your services. We work with top enterprise field service companies to make sure they have the solutions they need to boost revenue. It only takes 30 minutes to find the right platform for your business.

  • Speed service call to technician dispatch process

  • Assign the best tech for every job.

  • Easily convert calls into work orders

  • Assign using drag-and-drop visual scheduler.

Dispatch Sofware

Makes calls more efficient

Customers want an informed service interaction that is full of context, is personal, and solves other potential issues before they happen. They become frustrated if they have to identify themselves and explain the issue repeatedly. If resolution takes too much effort, customers take their business elsewhere.

Your customer service team needs a service call management system to respond to each customer personally, resolve cases more quickly, and proactively schedule maintenance with preferred technicians. Service Pro gives your team the information and real-time communication they need to resolve problems faster and increase customer satisfaction.

Increases first call resolution

Service Pro’s integrated support solution increases first call resolution and makes it easy for reps to convert a service call into a work order. Representatives in the call center and the field have enough information to communicate in real-time to resolve issues.

Pertinent account information is rapidly available to the service dispatcher, including customer site equipment assets, service history, and warranty and contract coverage. The integrated field service dispatch software quickly converts calls to work orders ready for assignment or RMAs for product repairs.

Speeds the time to dispatch

A call that results in repeating troubleshooting instructions can frustrate customers as they re-explain their problem to every new agent. The service technician dispatch software gives an immediate view into the customer’s service history, allowing your team to respond more rapidly assigning the best tech for each job. If a company has a pre-existing service agreement, Service Pro will auto-dispatch the preferred technician for the account.

Service reps can dispatch techs to the customer site with just one click using the iPad dispatch software. The real-time dispatches and updates are communicated immediately to the field reps via an app on their iPhone, Android, or Windows mobile devices. Your service technicians have every tool they need in the mobile compatible apps to communicate, check contract coverage, scan assets, and view the service history.

service dispatch software

Converts calls into new business

Service Pro’s comprehensive service dispatch software can automatically schedule and dispatch preventive maintenance work orders to keep equipment running at peak performance and avoid downtime. Proactively using field service scheduling software for calls increases your revenue while avoiding customer dissatisfaction with equipment failure due to lack of maintenance.

The comprehensive service call management system allows reps to quickly convert quotes, orders, and RMAs into work orders. The streamlined conversion of inquiries into jobs boosts revenue and lowers the risk of losing business in the transition.

Provides valuable insight

The average time it takes your team to resolve a problem shows how effective your process is and allows you to measure overall performance and pinpoint weaknesses. The dispatch software allows you to measure quality over time with customizable call status codes to drive effectiveness and efficiency.

Average reply time, first response time, and the overall volume of conversations can give you useful insights into the productivity of your support. A visual Call Board tracks all service call activity, making it easy to identify bottlenecks or trending equipment issues.

Reduces customer churn

It’s common knowledge that acquiring new customers is more expensive than keeping the ones you have, but did you know that 12% of customers leave if it takes more than one call to resolve their problem? A service dispatch software app that automates and speeds up the conversion of call to business is critical for modern service businesses.

Contact us today to get Service Pro® field service dispatch software to improve your call center and service dispatch operations.

Service Pro® Field Service Dispatch Software Features

  • One Click Dispatch to Service Technician’s Mobile Device – iPad, iPhone, Android or Windows

  • Visual Call Board Tracks all Service Call Activity

  • Auto-Dispatch to Preferred Technician

  • Automatically Scheduled and Dispatched Work Orders for Preventive Maintenance

  • Call to Quote, Call to Order and Call to RMA Conversions

  • User Definable Service Call Status Codes Drive Reporting

  • Instant Customer Site and Equipment Asset Visibility

  • Mobile Asset Inspections

  • Call Equipment Warranty and Contract Coverage

  • Customer and Equipment Asset Service History

mobile field service scheduler

Service Pro® field service dispatching software helps busy service organizations run highly efficient call center and service dispatch operations.