Stop Scheduling Your Technicians Wrong

Scheduling is one of the top areas field service companies want to see improvement in. Efficient, accurate scheduling can be achieved with the help of a field service platform, and caters to KPIs such as customer satisfaction, first-time fix rate, technician efficiency and utilization, on-time completion rate, and more. 

Do any of these areas reflect places you’d like to see your own company improve in, but you’re not ready to commit to digital scheduling just yet? The fact is, if you don’t have scheduling software, you could be doing more to improve your performance, and your technician efficiency. Keep reading to learn the top 6 improvements scheduling software can have on your operations.

Top 6 reasons to invest in field service scheduling tools

We live in a world that is progressively becoming more and more dependent on technology to get things done. If you want a competitive edge over others in your industry, you cannot afford to ignore scheduling tools anymore. In fact, here are six reasons you should seriously consider investing in scheduling software.

1. Schedule with speed

In the past, you had to rely on manual data entry and structuring of the day’s operations. Fortunately, you don’t have to do this anymore. Today’s field service scheduling systems enable real-time scheduling and allow you to issue alerts remotely. Automated scheduling simplifies life for both your field technicians as well as your dispatchers.

2. Match technicians to appropriate tasks

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: right person, right place, right time. Using field scheduling software, you can eliminate problems with the wrong people having the wrong task. Match technicians to the best fitting jobs by correct skill level, certifications, and proximity with GPS location tracking. In doing so, you can reduce the number of tasks that need to be redone and lower delivery deadlines for each appointment.  

3. Get the information you need in one place

With all your information centralized within your scheduling software, you unlock the ability to access information when you need it. Don’t waste time hunting for names and locations, or calling individual techs when matters are pressing and stressful. Identify issues faster and get the right person where you need them, when you need them. 

4. Eliminate manual data entry

It can be tough managing the orders, invoices, and endless paper forms for just 5 technicians – what if you have 20? 50? 100+? Manual entry on timesheets is a tedious, time-consuming task that can be instantly eliminated with field scheduling software. Everything can be done in real-time, using a field service mobile app on a technician’s device, and accessed from the back office. 

5. Know Where Your Techs Are At All Times

With a mobile field service app and scheduling software, dispatchers can use GPS to keep tabs on the locations of working technicians throughout the day. If a tech is scheduled for a job 30 miles away, but is closer to one 5 miles away, the change can be seen, action taken, and time optimized.

6. Happy Customers are the Best Advertisement

At the core of your business, ensuring that your customers are happy is the primary goal. When you’re able to meet your deadlines and prioritize your customers, you create a rapport that keeps customers coming back again and again, and to talk about their positive experience with others. Customers who are referred by other customers have a 37% higher customer retention rate, making the investment in scheduling software a win-win for you and your clients.

Scheduling Made Easy with Service Pro 

If you’re beginning to realize just how much your business can benefit from scheduling software, you’re in luck. MSI Data has a modern scheduling platform that can change the internal face of your operations. Make fast and accurate decisions, and maintain constant visibility into locations, skill sets, and availability of field technicians, and more with our visual scheduler. Increase productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction, all with reduced manual effort.

With a clean user interface and a streamlined approach, this cutting edge field service scheduling software is a must-have for any company serious about staying ahead of the game. Don’t keep scheduling your technicians wrong—invest in your company’s continued success with scheduling software.


  • Leena Meyers

    Leena Meyers is the Content Marketer at MSI Data. Topics of focus include: case studies, blogs, field service software and management, scheduling, KPI tracking and management, technician efficiency, visibility, and maximizing productivity.