5 Benefits of Digital Transformation for Field Service Organizations

Raise the productivity of your entire field workforce with digital transformation


Looking to move your field service organization to the next level of productivity and profitability? Optimization and modernization are two ways to push your field service business forward to a more efficient workforce. And both these tasks can be achieved with digital transformation.

In its rawest form, digital transformation is “a novel use of digital technology to solve traditional problems.” Some of these common challenges that field service businesses face are data issues, unproductive time, unsatisfactory customer experience, and lack of communication, to name a few.

When digital transformation tools, such as Service Pro, are implemented, these are the top five outcomes your organization may experience. 



1. Saved Time

When a service organization lacks efficiency, they are lacking the cornerstone of success. Your organization can see improved overall efficiency by saving time through digital transformation. By connecting your back office software with a mobile app for field technicians, you can benefit from a more productive workflow and therefore saved time.

This kind of change gives an edge to your organization, as 56% of agents say they toggle between multiple windows to find the information they need for their job. This toggling means wasted time. Digital transformation puts an end to lost time manually filling out work orders and reports on paper. This leaves your team with more time to dedicate to completing the tasks necessary to provide the best customer service.


2. More Effective Communication

Communication is key for a successful service workflow. Before implementing Service Pro, Matrix HG, a California-based HVAC company, relied on time-consuming, manual processes to relay information between the back office and the field. They had their service providers call into the office, track appointments on paper, scan the paper, and then email it back to the office to track valuable information. Now using Service Pro, information is automatically processed and shared between the office and field.

This form of digital transformation creates an automatic form of communication that cannot be replicated without Service Pro. The power of automation has a strong impact on efficiency and success for field service organizations.


3. Accurate Data

Manually recording data allows for human error, mistakes, and inaccurate information. A common case, as seen with Matrix, is that previous ways of recording information resulted in lost data. In fact, “they found it impossible to enter all data on busy days.” With Service Pro, all data remains in the cloud, giving organizations the flexibility of gaining clients and therefore data.

Optimization tools such as Service Pro are not only faster, but can also find opportunities for improved utilization that are hidden or not obvious to schedulers who perform manual assignments. Features like this can create the circular benefit of optimizing workflow to improve efficiency.


4. Highly Personalized Service

Without digital transformation, managers have described the non-optimal version of field service as a ‘disconnected process’. Customer service is vital to your company’s success with 80% of customers saying the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services. Before, service providers would go into appointments blind with little information on past appointments and equipment history.

The digital transformation that comes with programs like Service Pro enables field service workers to have an increased visibility into what’s going on with your field operations. This gives service a personalized touch and helps appointments move smoothly and efficiently, just what the customer wants.


5. Greater Workplace Quality

Digital transformation can also be a means to ease the pain in your organization’s workforce’s day. Many businesses may be weary of the impact of implementing relatively newer digital aides into their traditional service business structures.

For example, 27% of service agents worry that artificial intelligence will eliminate their jobs, however, 80% of service decision makers believe AI has shown itself to be most effective when deployed with humans.

By combining the expertise of your workforce with the efficiency Service Pro brings, your employees can experience less hindrances in their day. This improvement will leave both your employees and customers happy.



As the service industry continues to mobilize, with 84% of decision makers prioritizing expanding mobile services, it’s important to be aware of how digital transformation can impact your organization.

Whether your service business has 12 or 12,000 technicians, digital transformation can help drive efficiencies throughout the entire field service process. Get started on driving customer satisfaction while increasing service revenue with Service Pro today. It doesn’t take much more than a 30-minute discovery call followed by a 60-minute demo to dial in a solution that will really improve all areas of your service business. Request a demo now.