Uni-Temp Refrigeration Maximizes Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction with Service Pro by MSI Data for Sage 100


Uni-Temp Refrigeration is an industrial refrigeration contractor out of Suwanee, Georgia, with the mission to provide an all-in-one service for refrigeration systems. Uni-Temp designs and builds refrigeration systems engineered for specific applications such as cold storage, food processing, and other manufacturing processes.

Their Service and Parts division provides 24/7 field service support to keep equipment running for years to come. Uni-Temp’s service department performs monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual Preventative Maintenance (PM), while also calibrating and testing many safety related items that require documentation for audits. The Parts division provides support to customers, as well as the field service team.

With a customer base that includes food industry manufacturers and distributors, such as food processing plants and cold storage facilities, Uni-Temp Refrigeration prides itself on providing same-day services to keep customers’ production running 24/7 and reducing downtime.


The main challenges Uni-Temp Refrigeration faced in their search for a field service solution were:

  • Consolidating their service reporting, timesheets, and inspection reports into a single digital platform
  • Organizing and simplifying weekly payroll for field technicians
  • Giving customers access to Inspection Reports/safety documents
  • Integration with Sage 100 accounting software


Reporting and Payroll

Service Pro was able to replace another small documentation platform that was only being used for digital file management. The previous platform lumped together customer files into one single file, making organization difficult. With the addition of Service Pro, Uni-Temp was able to consolidate service reporting, timesheets, and inspection reports into a single platform. 

Additionally, Service Pro made a custom payroll report, allowing Uni-Temp to run a report based on clock in/clock out times and dates to run payroll weekly, while keeping up with their cost per work order. 

Customer Portal

The ability to give customers visibility into vital information and forms was essential for Uni-Temp’s ideal solution. The expectations of all end clients are changing, being elevated to bring in new things that were never provided historically. Allowing Uni-Temp’s end clients an experience where they can both engage and have visibility to their information was critical. 

“Service Pro is able to provide customer specific profiles with equipment lists, inspection reports tied to equipment, contracts to manage the complex inspection scopes and provide the customer with a portal to access their documentation as needed.”

~Jamie Gilbert, Director of Service and Parts

Integration with Sage 100

A must-have for Uni-Temp was the integration with their existing accounting software, Sage 100. Not only does Service Pro seamlessly integrate with Sage 100, but this factor also “differentiated it from all the other platforms we researched”.

Service Pro software provides Sage 100 users with an end to end, integrated solution for automated repair center and field service management. The ability to have information flow not only from Sage 100 into Service Pro, but also back allows for decreased data entry, real time updates, and increased productivity.

“Service Pro was chosen because it could sync with our SAGE accounting software. That is what differentiated it from the other platforms we researched.”

~Jamie Gilbert, Director of Service and Parts


One of the great aspects of a Field Service Platform solution is the ability to understand your business at another level. Identifying areas of weakness and strength, building out KPI’s (key performance indicators) or MBO’s (management by objectives) based on areas of focus, and the ability to allow for real time insights is invaluable. 

Uni-Temp is excited to continue to leverage Service Pro by MSI Data to improve their service operations. By simplifying existing processes and improving the experience for the technician, Uni-Temp has been able to increase customer satisfaction.

See how Service Pro by MSI Data for Sage 100 can help upgrade your field service organization.

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