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More customers are coming back to buy more machines due to Komatsu dealer’s high level of service.

"We often get customers that have never been to us before, and when they see the level of information we’re able to provide with the app, and how quickly we can get their machine up because of it, they are absolutely more likely to come back to us. And they have told us that before."

Service Pro® replaces multiple apps for Tweet Garot, providing on-demand info to the team and making life easier.

"Since we started using the app, life has become easier for us. Things move quickly. Some of the things that I would do on a daily basis, I don’t have to do anymore. I don’t have to enter in work orders, I don’t have to validate time, I don’t have to check all these little things. If you would have asked me this a couple years ago, I would have said no way."

Not only has Matrix HG Inc seen profits increase by 15%, their staff’s workload has gone down.

"They have the history right there. I mean, that kind of stuff is huge. Before we’d have to call our dispatcher, and have her go and pull the paper file out. Scan it, email it to us. Now it’s in the system."