Flex Technician Capacity While Boosting Efficiency with Visual Scheduling Tools

Service Pro for NetSuite showing Cloud-based Field Service Scheduling and Mobile

Address abrupt changes in service needs and technician capacity with ease using a visual scheduler


If 2020 has proved anything for field service, it’s that technology is now no longer optional if you want to grow your business. Business closures and safety restrictions have limited or eliminated on-site field service tasks, with 78% of service companies halting technician deployment completely in April. And to pile on, customers continue to put pressure on companies to meet their needs faster, keep their equipment running longer, and keep their costs low. 

Paper-based processes just aren’t efficient enough to keep up with customers’ increasing demands and the ever-changing economic climate. Yet 52% of companies still use manual methods for most of their field service tasks.

This means if you’re still using whiteboards and spreadsheets to track technician schedules, now is the time to evolve and get ahead of your competition with visual scheduling tools

Read on to discover how a visual scheduler improves field visibility and increases service optics, opportunity, and optimization.


MSI's Service Pro visual scheduler for field service organizations


Complete oversight of technician schedule and location

Gone are the days of using inefficient scheduling and contact methods. Make accurate decisions that boost productivity thanks to visual field service software and GPS technology.

Visual field service scheduling software allows schedulers an opportunity to make better dispatching decisions using real-time information. With the Service Pro Visual Scheduler, you can check in with field workers, verify asset location, and manage technician schedules remotely.


Better prepared for appointments

Did you know 96% of unhappy customers will not complain directly to you, but you’ll lose the business of 91% of these disgruntled clients? Add to that the fact that they will tell at least nine to 15 people of their poor experience with your company. That’s a lot of potential business that you may be losing. Failing to get the job done right the first time around can seriously tarnish your reputation.

The truth is 84% of service professionals say a unified view of customer information is key to providing great customer experiences. That’s why connecting your field team with your ERP is key. 

Pairing a mobile app for technicians with a visual scheduling tool is the first step to eliminating costly return trips. Then your techs have all the information they need to get the job done the first time.

And since information from the field automatically syncs with your ERP, your back office team has all the data they need to submit accurate invoices and collect payments faster. Most companies using integrated field service management, including a visual scheduler, can get invoices out the same day services are provided. This cuts their invoicing time from several weeks to just 24 hours, exponentially decreasing their service-to-cash cycle.


Smarter scheduling decisions

Scheduling technicians without seeing their real-time location, status, and skills is like trying to build a house without a blueprint. You can certainly build the house, but it’s probably going to take longer and may not achieve the desired result.

Having a fully-integrated visual scheduler in place allows the dispatcher to identify a technician with the correct tools, skills, and availability. 

With all this information, your dispatchers are better able to match techs with jobs they are equipped for. And with the right technician at the right place and time, it’s much more likely that the customer’s issue will be resolved during the first trip.



Whether your service business has 12 or 12,000 technicians, an integrated visual scheduler and field service management software can help drive efficiencies throughout the entire field service process. 

Get started on driving customer satisfaction while increasing service revenue with Service Pro today. It doesn’t take much more than a 30-minute discovery call followed by a 60-minute demo to dial in a solution that will really improve all areas of your service business. Request a demo now.