Empower your Electrical Service Team with Field Service Software

Electrical companies are well-suited to harness the power of an all-in-one field service management suite and mobile app. It allows electrical and technology firms that serve general contractors and building owners to completely oversee their projects from start to finish. With Service Pro®, field technicians have everything they need at their fingertips, and those in the office know exactly what’s happening in the field.

As an electrical or technology service provider, you know firsthand that while a filled pipeline of projects is wonderful, it means that your team members, vehicles, equipment and tools are always in motion, making the tracking of assets a definite challenge.

Field service software that completely integrates with your internal processes and improves communication will have a direct impact on your profitability. Field service software takes all the guesswork out of the equation, and provides you with a solution to get everyone on the same page, and complete jobs on time and under budget.

Security system service software is a tool that helps owners grow their businesses

Service Pro® – All-in-One Management Application for Electrical Services Enterprises

Automatically assign work orders to technicians, enable managers and dispatchers to track work orders in real time, and simplify field to office communication with your technicians.

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Application Features

A summary of application features that will help your company.

Call Tracking & Dispatching

Important info like history, contract terms, and assets are available and visible.

Work Orders

Handle the complete work order life cycle, from the first call to invoicing.

Asset Tracking

Quickly monitor assets and track their performance and repair history.

Service Contracts

Keep satisfaction high by managing the most complex contracts.

Parts & Inventory

Have an accurate measure of inventory and reorder based on projected usage.

Task Tracking

Record, track and analyze field tasks and tie them back to work orders.

Visual Scheduler

Scheduling field techs by knowing their capabilities, location and availability.

Stakeholder Web Portals

Create easy-to-read charts and graphs highlighting the most important KPIs.


Break work orders into tasks for better servicing and reporting.