Construction Equipment Manufacturing Industry Models

Equipment manufacturing does not exist in a vacuum, and neither does construction. The manufacturers that want to excel and grow are looking to tactics and technologies other industries are using to collaborate and grow their businesses.


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How the Internet of Things is Revolutionizing Field Service
“For years there’s been a lot of discussion as far as where the construction industry falls in the line of technology, equipment advancements, and service.” Here are some of the key industries construction equipment manufacturers are looking to as models:

  • Automotive: “At AEM, we’re always looking to the automobile industry, which might be a decade advanced when it comes to creative uses for technology.” Things like convergence with mobile and advanced fleet tracking capabilities are automobile updates construction equipment manufacturers can learn from.

  • Airline: Airlines are doing some really interesting things with parts sharing and collaboration. For example, if a plane goes down in Denver and United doesn’t have a part for the 737 Boeing, they share information with Southwest who might have the part they need.

  • On-road Trucking: The on-road trucking industry is a great model for service. They’ve figured out how to keep trucks moving, both with advanced sensors and maintenance.

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