Perform Mobile Audits like a Pro

Field auditors using the Monitor from MSI Data have increased their volume of audits completed per day by more than 30%, resulting in more audits completed per technician, more conversions and significantly higher revenue from the audit process.

Specific areas of improvement by role in the audit process include Management time saved generating routes, assigning routes and reporting, Auditor time saved with account lookup, phone time, travel time and reporting and Administrative Assistant phone and data entry time.

Monitor Audit Software Features

Practical and proven business process logic built into Monitor audit software puts your enterprise in control of your audit operations, for iPad™, iPhone™, Android™ or Windows™ mobile devices.

  • Resolve Inefficient Paper Systems

  • Resolve Lost Productivity

  • VEIL Inspection Software for Android

  • Improve Audit Consistency

  • Centralize Audit Visibility

Mobile Audits for iPad™, iPhone™, Android™ & Windows™

Liberate your mobile audit technicians, management and admin personnel from the shackles of paper. Monitor software automates the repetitive, productivity-draining mobile audit tasks with software for iPad™, iPhone™, Android™ & Windows™ tablets and smartphones.

Audit Routing and Management

The Monitor makes it easy to target customer data sets, create audit routes and assign those to field auditors, helping you optimize the time of your field audit personnel.

Audit Intelligence and Reporting

Mobile audits performed by MSI Monitor Audit Software are stored in a centralized database for expanded management reporting and analysis. MSI takes your productivity the extra mile with pre-built integrations and custom enterprise system integration services.

Monitor Audit Software Use Cases

With powerful, integrated mobile audit software for field personnel, and management capabilities, Monitor audit software will help improve you:

  • Streamline Reporting Processes

  • Customize Checklists to Gather Audit Data Your Way

  • Compliance with internal policies and procedures

  • Routing Efficiency for Daily Audit Routes

  • Management visibility of field audit performance

  • Productivity of field auditors and back-office personnel

  • Identification of audited asset or property that require your product or services

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