Field Force Studio

Craft, connect and rapidly deploy cross-platform enterprise mobile workforce solutions for iPad®, iPhone®, Android® or Windows® devices

Companies employing mobile field workforce software consistently outperform their peers in several critical measures, including more work orders or inspections completed per technician per day, lower travel costs and higher first time fix rates.

The MSI Field Force Studio is a suite of configurable mobile software applications which automate the most common tasks performed by field workers; from repair, installation and preventive maintenance services to inspections, site surveys and assessments. Focused on improving field workforce productivity, mobile software from the MSI Field Force Studio is available for iPad®, iPhone®, Android® and Windows® mobile devices. The MSI Field Force Studio also connects data collected in the field with ERP, CRM and Billing Systems, as well as MSI Data’s own field management software.

Rapid advances in mobile device technology and adoption have raised awareness and desire among organizations with field workforces of all sizes to increase worker productivity. The MSI Field Force Studio presents service organizations with a unique building blocks approach to deploying enterprise mobile field workforce software, removing risk and cost from the process through the combination of off-the-shelf mobile workforce capabilities and a menu of advanced web, field management and integration technologies:

Menu of MSI Field Force Studio Mobile Apps

Mobile applications from the MSI Field Force Studio support improved technician, inspector and other field worker productivity via completely electronic ability to access and record work on iOS®, Android® or Windows® mobile devices. These applications automate Work Assignments, Status, Alerts, Mapping and Work Order Management, including mobile Asset Tracking, Parts, Warranty, Tasks, Service History, Labor Time, Audits, Sales, Collections, Signature Capture, Photo and Video Capture and Inspections.

Menu of MSI Field Force Studio Field Management Apps

The MSI Field Force Studio also includes pre-integrated software, including Service Management, Inspection Management, Visual Scheduler, Stakeholder Portals, Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) and other home office-based management systems. These MSI Field Management Applications include integrated Call Taking & Dispatching, Advanced Scheduling, Inventory and Serial Number Processing, Asset Management, Warranties, Maintenance Contracts, Quoting, Invoicing, RMAs, Workflow and Alerts, Service Bill of Materials and more.

Connect Your Mobile Application with Enterprise Systems

The MSI Field Force Studio offers organizations proven tools and methods for connecting field management and mobile applications with important home office-based management systems, including ERP, CRM, Accounting, Billing and other systems.

Across industries ranging from manufacturing and construction to cable and government, the MSI Field Force Studio’s mobile workforce software improves management of the entire field service operation, from paperless work orders or inspections for technicians to streamlined service scheduling and advanced asset management. Whether connected to MSI Field Management Applications or used in combination with other home office systems, mobile workforce software from the MSI Field Force Studio dramatically increases field workforce efficiency as well as management visibility of field operations.