Segments: A Field Tech’s Playbook

With Service Pro Segments, you can break out each work order item into segments in order to assign tasks and analyze success rates. With the granular insight you gain from segmenting tasks, technicians can see exactly what tasks they’ll be working on and what parts they’ll need, and company managers can measure the success of each task to determine ways to improve if needed.

Service Pro Segments allows you to start with a service bill of materials (SBOM) to book technicians, equipment, parts, hours, etc. as soon as the work order comes in. The SBOM stores all information collected from and related to each work order.

  • Break down work orders into manageable tasks.

  • Capture minute work order details for more accurate reporting.

  • Create a service bill of materials to store individual tasks.


Service Pro Segments breaks down complex work orders into manageable, separate tasks.

Segment and task tracking capabilities of Service Pro® software work seamlessly across the service operation—from mobile and service contracts to invoicing and reporting—to provide service organizations with an all-in-one management suite for configuring, assigning, tracking and analyzing tasks.

What Segments capture:

  • Technicians skills used on tasks

  • Tools and parts used for each task

  • Number of hours spent on each task

  • Project forms

  • Steps required to complete a task

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Each field service task performed by your organization has important ramifications for customer satisfaction and the overall health of your operation. The best way to keep every element of your service operation functioning at its highest level is to break down complex work orders with Service Pro Segments.