The Specialty Solutions capabilities of Service Pro® software solve several unique business management issues for service organizations. With customers in over a dozen industries, Service Pro® functionality runs deep.

Engineering Change Notices

Assign ECN’s for certain models or part numbers and /or certain serial numbers. Generous commenting gives you the ability of writing or copying virtually unlimited instructions with every ECN. When a Returned Item on an RMA qualifies for an established ECN, the user is periodically reminded on-screen that the ECN(s) is required.

Shipping Manifest Integration

Without leaving the Service Pro screen you can initiate a manifesting process that will assign a tracking number, calculate weight and shipping charges, and print the appropriate paperwork required by most freight companies. The data is then fed back into Service Pro for easy access when clients call to check on shipping statuses. This module integrates with and requires Star Ship manifesting software.

Mobile Field Service for iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile

Automatically downloads selected service calls to pre-determined field technicians. Technicians can amend calls and update activities including parts usage and upload results to server automatically. Technicians can also create their own orders for service or sales and upload server. Print receipts for customer and mark as invoice.

Deferred Revenue Processing

Takes out the tedious and time-consuming task of allocating contract (entitlement) revenue every month. Accounts for the liability of a contract sale and then monthly will reverse the liability and recognize the sale.

Credit Card Processing

Automatic credit card information storage and processing will be available in most of the modules of the Service Pro Standard and Gold Systems. You can accept credit cards for such things as telephone support, service dispatching, sales, RMA repairs, etc.

Approval State Management

Intended for larger companies where business processes dictate approvals are required on particular transactions before allowing the transactions to proceed. Flexible State configurations and audit trail are available.

Multi-Bins for Inventory

For larger companies with multi-bins requirements. Virtually unlimited number of bins per Item Number.

Work Orders

Perfect for light assembly and manufacturing requirements. Allows for refurbishing of parts and as well as building units from components.

Quote Module

Maintains Contact/Prospect table totally separate from the Host’s Customer table with easy conversion from Prospect to Customer. Create Quotes with the same ease as with Orders and print a variety of User-Defined documents. Once a quote is accepted use our one-click option to convert to an order for all or part of the quote. Quote is kept historically for easy reference and for “repeat” or “Master” quote functionality. Keeps Quote success history.

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