Eastern Controls Inc’s Service Flourishes with Service Pro

Who we are:

Eastern Controls Inc. specializes in process control solutions, serving the industrial automation and process control industry since its founding in 1969. Located in the eastern United States, E.C.I. is headquartered in Edgemont, Pennsylvania, with satellite offices in Ashland, Virginia; Towson, Maryland; and Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. E.C.I. is known for providing a wide range of products and services to help its clients optimize their processes, improve efficiency, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Eastern Controls Inc. has developed a strong reputation for delivering high-quality instrumentation, valves, and related services to various industries, including pharmaceuticals, power generation, chemicals, and more. Their team of experienced professionals collaborates with clients to understand their unique requirements and offers customized solutions to meet their specific needs. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Eastern Controls Inc. has played a significant role in the advancement of process automation technologies.


As they experienced significant growth in their service offerings, operational challenges began to emerge, including:

  • Instances of double bookings
  • Missed appointments
  • Technician overutilization
  • Lack of visibility into scheduling
  • Inability to track critical KPI’s

The expanding volume of service requests strained the existing manual scheduling processes, leading to inadvertent double bookings and missed appointments. The surge in demand also resulted in overutilization of service technicians, negatively impacting their workload, and potentially affecting service quality.

Additionally, the limited visibility into scheduling exacerbated these issues, making it difficult to efficiently allocate resources and coordinate service activities. E.C.I. exclusively used Outlook to schedule their operations, severely limiting the breadth of their scheduling abilities. There was also no method to monitor and measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or glean any real-time data.

Recognizing the need for a more robust solution, Eastern Controls Inc. sought to implement advanced field service scheduling software to address these operational challenges and enhance the overall efficiency of their service delivery. Enter, Service Pro by MSI Data!


To address the operational challenges stemming from its service growth, Eastern Controls Inc. strategically implemented Service Pro by MSI Data as a comprehensive solution. Service Pro, a cutting-edge field service management software, was chosen to counter issues such as:

  • Double booking of technicians
    • Understand who was assigned to what job, visibility into dynamic scheduling board that provides notifications out to a technician’s device and back to the back office.
  • Missed appointments causing client frustration
    • Now with updated scheduling and mobile synchronization, technicians know where they are going, shortening average time-to-invoice cycles.
  • Technician overutilization and service quality concerns
    • Scheduling board visuals allow users to see more clearly the times when technicians are booked, eliminating double booking problems. Schedules are then sent to technicians seamlessly.
  • General lack of scheduling visibility and control
    • E.C.I. can now take advantage of a dedicated scheduling board and work efficiently with features like drag-and-drop sections.
  • Inability to track KPIs
    • Service Pro’s Business Intelligence allows for extensive management and measurement of KPIs. E.C.I. can choose their own metrics to track, choose from over 15 visualization options, and gather real-time data.

This robust software provides Eastern Controls Inc. with advanced tools to streamline their scheduling processes, automate appointment management, and optimize technician allocation.


With Service Pro, E.C.I. can now keep up with increased service demands and continue to expand and flourish beyond old limits.

With Service Pro’s real-time visibility features, E.C.I. now efficiently tracks technician utilization, reducing instances of overutilization and ensuring a balanced distribution of resources. The software’s capabilities also help in preventing double bookings, contributing to a more organized and customer-centric approach to service operations.

Service Pro’s scheduling abilities outclass the capabilities of their previous scheduling choice in multiple ways. Before, E.C.I. was not able to identify, track, or improve upon any form of critical metric. With the addition of Service Pro, Eastern Controls Inc. can now select the KPIs they want to monitor and do so with real-time data.


  • Leena Meyers

    Leena Meyers is the Content Marketer at MSI Data. Topics of focus include: case studies, blogs, field service software and management, scheduling, KPI tracking and management, technician efficiency, visibility, and maximizing productivity.