Field Service Case Study: WPI Experiences Seven-Figure Claim Recovery Savings with MSI’s Service Pro

Customer satisfaction and technician efficiency improves with switch to all-in-one field service management software

With nearly 100 years of experience in the heavy equipment industry, Waukesha-Pearce Industries (WPI) has proven they can withstand the test of time. Since 1924, WPI has partnered with world-class manufacturers, such as Komatsu, Gradall, Bomag, and more, to provide equipment and service solutions. They continue to outpace their competitors by being open to doing things differently.

“Time and time again when others failed, we prospered,” OEM Business Development Manager, Louis Pearce IV says. “We never shy away from embracing change in new ideas and technologies.”

Since WPI always searches for ways to improve, they knew they could optimize their technicians’ time by bringing their field service operations online. WPI needed a next-generation field service application, like MSI’s Service Pro, to drive efficiency for their preventive maintenance operations and keep their business going for the next 100 years.


To streamline their service operations, WPI needed to eliminate their paper-driven service processes. And leadership wanted a way to track branch performance to make sure each branch was meeting their sales and service goals.

Time-consuming, manual preventive maintenance processes

When WPI used paper work orders, their operations team was completely dependent on deciphering technicians’ handwritten information to generate accurate invoices. “Historically, you would have a huge stack of work orders on the desk and you’d be running them day in and day out,” says District Service Manager Chad Ticknor.

Having to devote entire work days just shuffling papers kept back office staff from spending time on more important matters, like customer service and sales.

Inefficient back office and field technician communication

To ensure high-quality, consistent service, WPI needed an easy way to connect their operations team with their field technicians. Previously, WPI employees would have to call each other throughout the day to provide job status updates and share customer information.

In addition, field technicians lacked access to the history of the equipment, leaving them under prepared for repair tasks. It was just guesswork to figure out what work had previously been done on each piece of equipment.

Limited oversight between headquarters and branches

To meet WPI’s goals for growth, it was obvious they needed a clear line of communication between corporate headquarters and their branches. As their service area expanded, they found preventive maintenance tasks could vary from branch to branch.

Without a single source of information and defined standard procedures, WPI’s leadership found tracking branch performance difficult. There was simply no easy way to tell what each branch was doing and compare them to each other.


To optimize their technicians’ time and provide even better customer service, WPI chose Service Pro as their field service automation software partner. WPI now uses Service Pro to manage the complete field service experience, from scheduling to work orders to inventory.

Fully digital preventive maintenance operations

Since implementing Service Pro, WPI has converted their manual preventive maintenance process into a fully electronic, streamlined workflow.

The work order process in particular has transformed from a laborious, paper-dependent workflow to a completely digital, streamlined experience. “It’s amazing to be able to assign work orders between departments and make decisions to close them faster,” says District Service Manager Chad Ticknor.

And gone are the days of having to translate handwritten notes into accurate invoices. Now, WPI’s back office team can easily view field technician notes, billable labor, and even customer signatures all neatly organized within Service Pro.

Near-real-time data sync between the field and back office

With Service Pro’s seamless communication capabilities, WPI’s back office team and technicians have access to the same information, ensuring everyone is fully informed.

Technicians now can view background, notes, and appointment information all in the palm of their hand, making for a more productive service process. “You have customer contact information and any notes from previous work on the machine,” says Field Service Dispatcher Jacob Yoder, “And it’s all right there on the app.”

Access to all this data in the field has allowed WPI’s technicians to be even more efficient when servicing customer equipment. “Technicians are showing up on jobs sooner, they have more information, they know exactly what they’re looking for, they have the notes and the background to be more prepared for the repair,” says John Sheffield, Field Service Dispatcher.

Greater reporting capabilities

Since WPI now has service information in one place with Service Pro, they can run reports on-demand within minutes. WPI has vastly improved their internal performance tracking as well as their external, customer-facing reports.

Previously, WPI wasn’t able to easily track and manage branch performance. “Service Pro allows us to have good visibility of what each branch is doing so we can have clear processes and procedures,” says Director of Operations Jackie Haney. “We also have a mechanism to evaluate each branch against one another, which is a great tool that we didn’t have before.”

With Service Pro reports, WPI’s customers are now more informed about the status of their jobs. The feedback WPI’s customers give after receiving these reports has been nothing short of stellar.

“Our customers love that they can receive an entire report explaining everything that was done during the appointment.”

Chad Ticknor, WPI District Service Manager

“The response that I’ve had from customers about the Service Pro reports has been extremely positive,” says Ticknor. “Our customers love that they can receive an entire report explaining everything that was done during the appointment. They say, ‘I get a color copy of what you did today with a signature. That’s amazing.’”


WPI has experienced immense improvements in both technician and back office efficiency since implementing Service Pro. Their entire staff has easy access to the same information via the mobile app and back office software, resulting in less time on internal phone calls and more time with customers.

More than 40% decrease in average preventive maintenance life cycle

By combining contracts, assets, auto-scheduling and mobility in one system, Service Pro has helped WPI deliver optimal preventive maintenance to their customers with ease.

Since WPI used Service Pro to eliminate most manual processes, they have experienced about a 40% reduction in the time needed to complete preventive maintenance services. This means WPI’s technicians are now able to perform the same amount of preventive maintenance work in nearly half the time.

Seven-figure warranty recovery savings

With Service Pro, WPI now collects all labor and parts information in the field and immediately reports that data to the back office the same day. This means there’s little to no lag time from when the preventive maintenance work is completed to when the reimbursement is submitted.

By ensuring reimbursements are submitted on time, WPI has experienced a seven-figure warranty recovery savings within less than one year.

“The beauty of this process is that Komtrax (Komatsu’s remote monitoring system) will send out an alert through the Service Pro software that service needs to be done, and a technician is dispatched in the field,” says Haney. “Once he gets dispatched, he has the tool he needs with Service Pro in hand to complete the service correctly.”

Higher service sales volume

It’s not only internal stakeholders that have been impressed by Service Pro – WPI’s customers have experienced greater satisfaction with their service as well.

“When customers see the level of information we’re able to provide with the app and how quickly we can get their machine up because of it, they are absolutely more likely to come back to us.”

Jacob Yoder, WPI Field Service Dispatcher

Yoder adds, “We often get customers who have never been to us before, when they see the level of information we’re able to provide with the app, and how quickly we can get their machine up because of it, they are absolutely more likely to come back to us, and they have told us that before.”

Since WPI’s customers are more satisfied with their services, they feel more confident with WPI’s services. As a result, service sales have increased by an average of more than $1200 per quote.

“It keeps the customers happy,” says Sheffield. “We sell more parts, and the customer is more likely to buy more machines from us.”

Ticknor sees Service Pro as a game-changing innovation with potential benefits for not just WPI, but the entire field service management business. “We have seen it change not only our staff, but maybe our industry.”

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