Dramatically Increase Field Service Productivity with Service Pro® Events Manager

Events Manager

There’s no denying it; field service management a’int easy. With so many moving parts that require precise coordination, maintaining a high level of productivity is a daunting challenge in and of itself. Just think of all the constraints working against your team’s efficiency: Managing a fleet of technicians (that need gas and equipment), dispatching (the right tech, right place, right time), inventory (that constantly needs attention), call centers, work orders – the list goes on and on.

Field service research points to a need for productivity.

A 2012 Insights Report published by Trimble on the future of field service delivery states that:

  • 86% of field service managers said the customer is more demanding than 5 years ago.
  • 90% said that increasing workforce productivity is a primary objective.
  • 81% said their field service teams will grow in the next 5 years.
  • 76% said they plan to update their scheduling and dispatch solutions.

The lack of proactivity.

There’s no question that field service and repair managers are busy people. Constant coordination responsibilities coupled with high demands for growth and advancement? That, my friend, sounds like a rock and a hard place.

And that’s why, with so many responsibilities, managers often spend too much time reacting to situations in their department rather than advancing other prime opportunities. We refer to this issue as reactivity vs. proactivity. In order for field service to be productive and profitable, managers must have the freedom to be proactive, prioritizing and implementing solutions that benefit their company rather than having to constantly react to pressures.

A solution?

As you may know, we here at MSI produce enterprise-level, field service management software called Service Pro®. But what you might not know is that Service Pro has an awesome integration designed specifically to address the problems we’ve been discussing. It’s called Events Manager, and it’s one of the most effective tools a service manager has for increasing his departments overall productivity.

What is Events Manager?

It’s a feature of the Service Pro system that allows businesses to proactively identify and respond to certain business conditions or events that are critical to your service offering. By using a rules-based engine and some advanced data analysis, the system can notify specific employees with time-sensitive alerts so as to help them perform their tasks more efficiently.

In more casual terms; it alerts you when something that needs to happen that isn’t, or something that’ shouldn’t be happening is.

For example, Events Manager is perfect for helping your company:

    • Monitor for upcoming maintenance contract renewals.
    • Send out alerts when specific parts or inventories are under their re-order levels.
    • Notify you when customer’s service date is approaching or has been reached.
    • Identify when there are overdue balances related to a service call.
    • Keep track of when certain technicians become available.

One of the best parts about Events Manager is the ability to run the system on a “set it and forget it” basis. What that means is that you can set exactly when and how often you want the software to run a check on your query (time, daily, weekly).

Some of the additional options for each alert include:

  • Subscribers – Determines which employees will receive the alert.
  • Deliverables – Deciding which method of communication you want the alert to be sent in.
  • Query – The ability to use both scheduled queries and database triggers to set off the alert.

Over to you.

Is your company suffering from a lack of field service productivity? Do you find yourself having to be more reactive than proactive when it comes to service management? If so, then Events Manager can absolutely help. Schedule a Service Pro Demo today to try the system yourself.