Latest Version of MSI’s Service Pro Offers Streamlined Operations with Unified Back Office Data and Improved Customer Experience with Self-Serve Customer Portal

Eliminate duplicate customer records and provide comprehensive customer access to service data with the recent Service Pro software release


As a service provider, you know how important it is to adapt your services to best suit your customers. If your services don’t match what the customer wants, then you’re probably not going to have that customer for long. The same applies for software providers, too.

That’s why MSI’s Service Pro, the premier field service management software, offers many feature-packed software releases throughout the year. As your customer needs change, Service Pro evolves to meet those needs, so you can achieve even higher levels of productivity and customer loyalty. 

Here’s the details about the latest version of Service Pro.


Create a new call, order or quote with one click

With the latest version of Service Pro, you can create a call directly from a customer record. This saves time beginning a call for a customer when you’re already reviewing the customer record.

“This is very helpful for checking coverage,” says David Charland, MSI’s director of product management. “Before you move forward with a call, you can see the orders, equipment, and appointments all in one place. That’s a huge perk.”

In addition, you can also create an order, create an order from a template, create a call, and create a quote directly from the site record. 


Eliminate duplicate customer records

Duplicate data in any system is a pain. But when it comes to field service, it can be especially painful when work is applied to the incorrect customer record. The latest version of Service Pro has a fix just for that.

When you create a new customer, Service Pro automatically searches for matching customer names and displays possible duplicates. This helps prevent duplicate customer records and streamlines reconciling work performed within a duplicate customer record.

“Trying to reconcile transaction information once it’s already on a duplicate master record can be ugly,” says David. “This new feature eliminates the process of trying to reconcile orders that were created on duplicate customers.”


Level up your customer experience

Now in 2020, customer experience is tremendously important, if not the most important part of field service. In fact, 80% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its service. And 80% of service leaders say emerging technology transforms customers’ expectations of their service organization. It’s clear that service providers have to evolve to meet customers’ increased expectations, and technology providers need to step up to help them.

That’s why the Service Pro Customer Portal now includes even more self-serve features directly to your customers. Let’s cover a few of these features, starting with the new advanced search functionality.

Advanced search capability

From the Service Pro Customer Portal, your customers can view inspections and order notes related to any of their orders, all from one screen. This allows your customers to quickly access and download attachments without having to drill into the inspections and order notes for each individual order.

When your customers can quickly find the information they need and continue on with their day, their own processes become more efficient. And you become their service superhero.

Complete oversight of scheduled appointments

In the Service Pro Customer Portal, your customers can see their upcoming scheduled appointments, providing a clear view of when and where they can expect your service technicians on site.

The new Scheduled tab allows your customers to filter their list of orders to only those with a scheduled date in the future. And if your customers need to cancel or change their appointment, they can update the appointment right in the portal, saving them time contacting your team (and saving your team’s time updating the schedule).

Best of all, any changes made in the Service Pro Customer Portal automatically update in the Service Pro back office software, so your service schedule is always up to date.

Customization options

Because the Service Pro Customer Portal is for your customers, it’s important that it looks like your portal. With the latest version of the Service Pro Customer Portal, you can customize the appearance of the portal to match your company’s brand. You can easily add your company logo to the portal and change the color of the banner to better suit your branding.

And it’s not only the visuals that can be customized – you can completely tailor your customers’ view of the portal, too, by showing or hiding functionality depending on what you want your customers to access.

For example, if you don’t want customers to request service through the portal, simply turn off that feature and it won’t appear when your customers’ log in to the portal. If you change your mind later and want customers to request service in the portal, it’s the same quick process to add the feature back.



When you’re looking at adding a new vendor to your field service technology stack, make sure you partner with a software provider that’s committed to your success. 

Our customers frequently tell us they see us more as a partner than a vendor. “They truly act from top to bottom as a partner,” says Total Energy Systems president, Chris Stiles. “They want you to succeed. There’s absolutely no question with our staff that we’d ever look to another solution.”

It doesn’t take much more than a 30-minute discovery call followed by a 90-minute demo to dial in a solution that will really improve areas of your service business. Request a demo of MSI’s Service Pro now.


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