Field Service Case Study: Lytron better manages their multi-location service division with Service Pro


Lytron, Inc. is a major thermal management and liquid cooling systems manufacturer with U.S. and international locations. Based in the Massachusetts area, main products include chillers, cold plates and heat exchangers.

Lytron not only manufactures top notch cooling systems, but provides maintenance services for customers and OEMs. Unlike most field service companies, Lytron performs services in house. The three service centers are in Massachusetts, Taiwan and Singapore, where they store spare parts and inventory. Service providers can usually repair a unit in up to 48 hours after service authorization.

Lytron partners with OEM and provides training on how to help their customers maintain their units. These training classes are done both at Lytron’s facilities and the OEM locations. For end users, Lytron offers online documentation on how to fix common product issues, as well as a 24/7 help desk and in-store assistance. With Lytron’s large service division and commitment to customer service, they eventually turned to MSI Data to learn more about Service Pro.


For 50+ years, Lytron has proudly provided quality cooling systems and steller maintenance service. Before Service Pro, Lytron lacked the high quality software needed to manage work orders, invoices, contracts, and other aspects of their services. Service technicians had difficulty tracking work hours, customer reviews, return trips and other Key Performance Indicators. Since Lytron has so many locations, the company needed a robust software solution to store, retrieve and analyze all the data from their service side of the business.


Kevin Blake, IT Manager at Lytron, sought a field service solution that works across all Lytron service locations and enhances customer experiences. After meeting with MSI, he felt that Service Pro met the criteria.

“MSI’s support team was a pleasure to work with. They are a true partner in addition to just a service provider,” he said.

Ever since implementing Service Pro, Lytron manages their service operations with ease. Every work order, whether repair or replacement, is logged in terms of hours, parts and cost. Service Managers learn how to better serve customers and reduce downtime by using this data. “We’ve seen many benefits that weren’t on our list when searching for a field service solution,” Blake said. “We’re learning things about our service operation that we didn’t know before, and we’ve been able to turn this new information into action that has improved our business.”

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