Service Pro by MSI Data Maximizes Profitability & Productivity with New NetSuite Connector

Service Pro by MSI Data is excited to announce the release of a strategic enhancement to its critical integration with NetSuite ERP. This integration allows current and future clients the ability to seamlessly connect their Service Pro experience to their back-office NetSuite instance with even more value. 

A NetSuite Partner since 2014, Service Pro by MSI Data continues to invest in the strength of our integration. With the next generation NetSuite connector, Service Pro uses the latest NetSuite API’s to ensure a fast, stable integration that provides even more confidence in both the integration and its ability to scale alongside NetSuite. The investment included work within the Service Pro integration infrastructure to enable better performance, faster upgrades, and easier support, as well as better management of NetSuite concurrency governance, allowing us to decrease concurrency errors clients see from integrations.

The NetSuite connector provides more flexibility around labor handling by which labor can flow either to Employee Time Tracking, the NetSuite Sales Order, or both. This newest enhancement positions MSI Data to be able to deliver additional functionality on a solid foundation that drives value to customers.

Piedmont Door Solutions

The first client to take the newest enhancement was Piedmont Door Solutions, of Charlotte, North Carolina. They were looking to the Service Pro team to deliver not only a best-in-class field service management platform, but also a seamless and reliable connector with their NetSuite system. “The Service Pro people are what made this experience positive. Implementing “new” software can be a challenge, but the team that supports you through those are what make the difference. It’s the people, not the software alone that made this the right choice for us.” — Piedmont CFO/CIO, Tarrell Graham

Key improvements in the connector noted by Tarrell and the Piedmont Team:

●  “Allow for the ability to further configure the experience to the user’s unique desire,”

●  “Improved visibility for both back office and leadership,”

●  “Improved stability and reliability, providing a consistent experience,”

●  “The speed of the connection also improved, which has helped with adoption and trust of the software,”

“Our customers who have deployed NetSuite have experienced significant value and leading indicators on their financial KPIs because of the integration with Service Pro. The combination of two-way flowing of data between our two systems maximizes profitability for their field service operations.”  —Geoff Surkamer, CEO of MSI Data

Read more about Piedmont’s experience with Service Pro in their field service case study. 


  • Leena Meyers

    Leena Meyers is the Content Marketer at MSI Data. Topics of focus include: case studies, blogs, field service software and management, scheduling, KPI tracking and management, technician efficiency, visibility, and maximizing productivity.