Construction Equipment Customer Expectations

Customers today need more than a quality product. They want everything; they want information about the machines they purchase and they’re relying on manufacturers to supply that information to their dealers who, in turn, provide a better service experience.


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Contractors who purchase expensive, high-tech equipment are looking to dealers to provide the high-end service. Because, just like with automobiles, they used to be able to do work on the equipment themselves; now there’s too much technology involved, so many people just take it in. Service expertise is in high demand due to the increasing complexity of equipment, and manufacturers and dealers are going to need to be prepared to provide the service experience customers demand.

Most distributor’s value to the manufacturer is how well they work with the customer. So if the manufacturer can provide additional information, work with the dealer on their preventive maintenance, that ultimately improves the customer-dealer relationship and the construction equipment manufacturers’ brand.