Dynamic Software to Power Field Service Scheduling & Dispatching

Each organization with a large field workforce faces a tremendous challenge to get the right field workers to the right job assignments. Whether you’re scheduling field service technicians, inspectors, emergency response workers, public workers, advanced field service scheduling software from MSI can dramatically improve your scheduling efficiency.

  • Assign the best tech for every work order, the first time.

  • Easily convert calls into work orders with appointments.

  • Assign with ease using drag-and-drop visual scheduler.


Software Power Tool for Your Field Service Schedulers

Our easy to use, easy to deploy visual field service scheduling software provides schedule and dispatch personnel with an all-in-one view of the criteria they need to make rapid, accurate scheduling decisions.

  • Customize Visual Scheduler to Your Business

  • Completely Cloud-based – no Installation Required

  • Access to Important Scheduling Criteria like Available Inventory and Technician Skills Set

  • Collect and Store Old and New Work Order Information in One, Easily Accessible Location

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Track Tech Location & Status Through Visual Scheduler Display

Our visual scheduler integrates with GPS tracking software, which allows you to schedule technicians based on their proximity to incoming work orders. The map view and work order list also reflect technicians’ availability and work order status.

  • Visual Proximity of Technicians to Customer Sites

  • Single View of Service Technicians’ Work Status

  • Segment Work Orders into Customizable Categories

  • Full, Clear View of Work Order Status Other Customizable Information

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Easy to Navigate Field Service Work Order Timeline

Our color-coded visual technician work order assignment board allows you to schedule available technicians by simply dragging open work orders onto the visual board. As you make changes to the board, alerts are sent to technicians affected by the updates.

  • Quick and Simple Drag and Drop Assignments

  • Auto Sort by Required Technician Skill Set

  • Automated Communication with Technician Devices


Service Pro® Mobile Features for Schedulers:

Mobile Field Service: Mobile devices in the field allow schedulers to communicate automatically with technicians. They can instantly update techs about scheduling changes as they adjust the main scheduler and schedule new appointments.

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