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Improve service delivery, workplace safety and field operations efficiency with field workforce automation software for government agencies from MSI Data.

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Make the Job Easier for Government Field Workers

At MSI Data we understand the operational, policy and technology demands placed on government organizations. The ability to quickly access and respond to information is critical to effectively running any government agency. MSI Data offers a wide variety of mobile tools that enable public agencies to respond to emergency situations, streamline processes and deliver services more effectively.

Our software helps government agencies to more effectively manage and communicate with their field workforce. Manage workers, assets, tasks, skill sets, dispatching and more, all from one, integrated field management system.


Automation Software for the Government Agency Field Workforce

Our easy to use, easy to deploy field workforce management software for government agencies delivers rapid ROI and huge field workforce performance gains.

work order management software
  • Automated Field Workforce Scheduling

  • Mobile Safety Inspections

  • Mobile Asset Tracking

  • Mobile Field Service

  • Work Order Management

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