Service Pro® Parts & Inventory

Service Pro® provides powerful inventory / spare parts tracking capabilities for service mananagement staff and technicians


Service Pro® software provides an easy to use inventory management system with multi-warehouse capabilities. The streamlined process allows quick and easy maintenance of multi-digit alphanumeric part and serial numbers.

Service Pro® also supports lot number processing, including support for serial numbers within lot numbers.

Does your organization manage various costing methods? If so, Service Pro® supports multi-costing methods as well as the ability to monitor and re-order stock based on prior or projected usage. Service Pro® provides dynamic updates to inventory for quantity-on-hand, re-ordered quantity, quantity allocated, and net available.

Service Pro® Software Parts & Inventory Features

parts and inventory work order management
  • Mobile Inventory Availability and Parts Recording for Service Techs
  • Multi-Warehouse/Office Capability
  • Mobile / Van Inventory
  • Item Usage History and Audit Trail History
  • Variable Warranty Schedules and Activity Status
  • Manufacturer Part Number Cross Reference
  • Extensive Serial Number Usage History
  • Year to Date Sales and Costs
  • Average, Last, and Standard Costing Methods

Service Pro® parts and inventory software helps North America’s busiest service organizations closely track warehouse and van parts inventory.

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