Roth Living Achieves a 98% Positivity Rating

Roth Living provides clients with an immersive beginning-to-end culinary experience, from imagining their perfect kitchen to ensuring they acquire the most exceptional and top-end equipment for their culinary desires. Roth is a distributor of Subzero, Wolf, Cove, and Best Appliances with a presence in 15 States, including showrooms in 5 states, including Colorado, Missouri, Minnesota.

With their team of factory-certified installers, Roth takes care of every detail from start to finish, even conducting a thorough follow-up visit after six months to ensure seamless functionality. But their commitment doesn’t end there. To deliver the unparalleled Roth Living Installation Experience, their certified installation technicians offer on-site training, even extending an invitation to customers for an exclusive Ownership Class. This class enlightens customers on utilizing the key features of each product to their utmost advantage, guaranteeing an unparalleled culinary journey. 

With an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, Roth Living needed technology that held the same standard of customer satisfaction while also integrating into their existing ERP, NetSuite. This is why Roth Living chose Service Pro by MSI Data and Sinch MessageMedia to enhance efficiency and elevate their customer experience. 



Roth Living was in need of a cutting-edge Field Service Management (FSM) solution that would seamlessly cater to their clients’ ever-growing demands. Their previous FSM solution proved to be a constant source of frustration, with the app malfunctioning and freezing, and the process of scheduling and maintaining orders was needlessly complex and time-consuming. This not only hindered technicians from efficiently completing their tasks but also prevented them from delivering the exceptional Roth Living Installation Experience. Additionally, relying on email surveys to gather customer feedback proved to be difficult, as responses would trickle in weeks later or, in some cases, not at all. Determined to revolutionize their field service operations and enhance customer satisfaction, Roth Living turned to Service Pro by MSI Data and Sinch MessageMedia for their expertise. 



Service Pro by MSI Data offers a true mobile application that integrates directly into your ERP. As a true mobile app (not a web-based URL or collection of links posing as an app) Service Pro Mobile creates a seamless technician experience with:


    • Direct integration into your chosen ERP 

    • Intuitive scheduling capabilities for efficient tasking

    • Offline capabilities to complete work even without connectivity

    • Inspections, forms, checklists, and workflows, all on your technician’s mobile device

    • Photo/video capture

    • Information flow back into Service Pro or invoicing 

Sinch MessageMedia integrates directly with NetSuite to keep customers informed through SMS. Customers can receive:


    • Automated SMS updates to confirm appointments

    • Facilitated direct communications for questions/concerns

    • Post-visit surveys to share feedback 



Immediately following implementation, Roth Living noticed an improvement in the user interface and layout of the scheduling board. With the convenient ability to clone appointments, the Roth Living team was able to swiftly allocate identical tasks to the appropriate technicians and customers, resulting in a significant reduction in appointment scheduling time.

Roth’s technicians also noticed an immediate upgrade with Service Pro Mobile. Its intuitive  nature and offline capabilities allowed them to carry out work efficiently and without interruptions. Roth is also finding the integration with Sinch MessageMedia and NetSuite quite useful, and is now following up each appointment with a text to the customer kindly requesting feedback on their service and overall experience.

However, it wasn’t just Roth Living that experienced the difference, it was also their customers. By utilizing the Tech Tracker feature of Service Pro, Roth Living was able to provide the customer with the incoming technician’s current location, estimated time of arrival, and headshot. This allows the customer to know exactly who to expect and when, ensuring their time and security is respected. The numbers speak for themselves, as Roth has witnessed a remarkable surge in reviews, thanks to Sinch MessageMedia’s automated text message. So far, their customer satisfaction score stands at an impressive 98%.


“Customer satisfaction score stands at an impressive 98%.” 

              – Baltazar Rocha, Roth Living

What’s the key to their success?  

In record time, Roth Living integrated and implemented Service Pro by MSI Data with their ERP, NetSuite. When sitting down with their NetSuite Administrator, Baltazar Rocha, we asked him how others can do the same. Hear it for yourself below or continue reading. 

[0:45] “I think the big thing to focus on is just honest communication. Communicate, communicate everything. And you really have to ask yourself some important questions. As a team, is the schedule and go live date realistic? You know, are you gonna be able to hit that milestone? Are you gonna be able to track everything the way you wanna be tracked. Are roles and expectations clearly identified of everyone on the team? Are folks going to be available if not, are there backups? The big thing, I mean this seems like common sense, but it’s OK to ask for help and ask questions. You know what we felt we got stuck a couple times along the way and I just kept asking questions and asking questions and going back and forth with you guys. I felt like I was nitpicking a little bit, you know. But at the end of the day, you know these are things that you want to solve on the front end and not guess. So there should be questions. There should be a lot of going back and forth because this is new for everyone. So yeah, so communication, transparency, I think that’s key.” 


Thanks to the powerful collaboration between Service Pro by MSI Data and Sinch MessageMedia, Roth Living achieved a remarkable enhancement in their field team’s scheduling, customer communication, and completion of work in the field. As a result, it helped them achieve an outstanding 98% customer satisfaction score.